Golden Globes 2011: The Worst-Tressed List

Overall, the hairstyle choices of our favorite A-listers at last night’s 68th Annual Golden Globes were chic and understated – perfect for this classy red-carpet event. As usual, though, there’s always those few who get it totally wrong. From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s 1980s prom queen updo to Helena Bonham Carter’s gravity-defying mess of knots, here is our worst-tressed list from this year’s Golden Globes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I see what she was aiming for with the sleeked-back look, but this topknot takes up half of Jennifer’s head! The poofy updo looks way too prom queen for me. She should mess it up a little bit and let some pieces fall into her eyes, and she definitely should shrink that topknot!

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore’s fiery red locks are rarely a hairstyle miss, but I’m just not digging this middle-parted, frizzy style. It kind of looks like she just got out of the shower, definitely not like she’s stepping onto the red carpet in Hollywood! The color is gorgeous, as usual, but if I were Julianne I’d have gone with something long and loose that’s more fitting to her face shape.

Helena Bonham Carter

No surprise here, but Helena Bonham Carter’s mane looked like a mess. This unwashed, unbrushed, dirty-looking ‘do has become her trademark, and it’s never okay! For the Golden Globes, she threw a veil sort of thing over the bird’s nest she calls her hair. Well, at least part of it is hidden.


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The New Face of L’Oreal Paris: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s trademark scarlet-red lips have landed her a deal with L’Oreal Paris as the new face of the cosmetics line. Appropriately enough, her first campaign will be for Infallible Le Rouge lip color. She joins Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles in representing this international beauty brand – her first commercial will air during the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 16th.

Gwen’s platinum blonde hair color is one of the hottest shades for 2011, according to the experts. Are you daring enough to try this white-blonde color?

[via EverythingInTime ]

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LC Goes Dark

Lauren Conrad’s gone brunette! Her new color is a warm medium brown, with sunkissed highlights around the face that keep it from being too dark. LC’s colorist, Kristin Ess, told US Weekly that Lauren’s hair color inspirations were Mila Kunis and Jessica Biel. Check it out:

We’re so used to seeing Lauren in a variety of blondes, so this is totally new and different. I love the new color, but I don’t want to see her stray too far from her gorgeous golden blonde!

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Gisele Straightens Out for Vogue

We’re used to seeing Gisele like this, right? Bouncy, beautiful curls and the standard middle part, total Victoria’s Secret Angels style:

She can’t really go wrong with the usual glamorous look – Gisele is absolutely stunning. But she did switch up her style for the cover of Vogue China’s February 2011 issue, straightening her tresses and adding a simple, girly hairclip:

I love how the whole cover is in Chinese except for “GISELE!” Anyway, this is a great lesson that the simplest changes can make a huge difference in your look. Go from wavy to straight and back, try styles you normally wouldn’t and play with accessories!


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Kate Hudson is…

Breaking news – we just found out that one of my favorite Hollywood blondes, Kate Hudson, is expecting a baby! She’s been dating British rocker Matthew Bellamy of the band Muse (love them!) for exactly nine months (how cute), and word on the street is they’re head over heels in love.

If this baby could inherit one thing from Kate, it would definitely be her gorgeous hair. Unlike a lot of female celebs, Kate’s not usually a color addict. She tends to stick to her beautiful golden blonde hue most of the time, except for these bizarre blue highlights she wore while filming Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway:

Weird. Here’s a look at some of Kate’s best hair days – beachy waves, smooth & straight, braided updo and messy braid:

I love the French-braided updo. To get this look, start with a deep side part. Using different size pieces, French-braid the bigger section starting at the hairline. Once the braid reaches your neck, combine it with the section of hair from the other side and finish it with a low bun.

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5 Foods That Help Your Hair

A good, balanced diet helps not only your body, but your hair as well. Pretty much anything that’s good for your body is good for your hair, too, but there are certain foods that are packed with powerful hair-restoring vitamins and minerals. Here are a few foods to remember for a healthy body and gorgeous hair.

Salmon -Salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for a healthy scalp. If your body is lacking this important nutrient, your hair will appear dull and your scalp will dry out. Salmon also contains Vitamin B-12 and iron, which help produce red blood cells and thicken hair growth.

Dark Green Veggies – This one is a no-brainer. We all know vegetables are good for your body, but they’re great for your hair, too. Green veggies like spinach and broccoli are loaded with Vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. Vitamins A and C help produce sebum, an oily substance that’s secreted by your hair follicles and acts as a natural hair conditioner.

Legumes – Beans contain a huge amount of vitamins that help out your hair, including protein, iron, zinc and biotin. Even though it’s uncommon, a lack of biotin in your diet can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, leading to split ends and breakage.

Oysters – The reason oysters are so great for both hair and your relationship is that they contain a huge amount of zinc, which is a powerful source of antioxidants. If you’re not into fish, you can get lots of zinc from whole grains, brazil nuts, beef and lamb.

Eggs – Eggs hit the jackpot for hair-restoring nutrients – they are loaded with protein, biotin and Vitamin B-12. All three of these help hair growth, prevent dryness and circulate blood to the scalp.


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Spring 2011 Runway Trends

I love spring trends! They are so much more fun than the winter looks – brighter colors, funkier styles and fabulous sunglasses. Top designers like Georges Chakra, Michael Angel and Carlos Miele all showed off simple hairstyles for this season like messy waves, low ponytails and braids, of course.

Waves – Messy, feminine waves never go out of style. Refresh this look for the spring by switching the part around or cutting some brand new bangs. I’m loving the sexy shades from Peter Som’s collection (center).

Sleek & Shiny – Slicked back styles made several appearances during Fashion Week. Stylists behind the scenes at the Michael Angel show turned this model’s long hair into a faux bob by tucking a tiny chignon under the hairline (center). I love the silver bow accessory and metallic highlights from Cynthia Rowley too, but I’m not feeling the greasy / wet look from Georges Chakra (right). What do you think?

Cool Ponytails – Ponytails are so much fun to play around with! Stylists for Prabal Gurung and Carolina Herrera (center) had fun dressing up the simple style with clips and twists. Whether your ponytail is messy or structured, keep it down low to your neck.

Funky Braids – More braids! Stylists are taking the braided look to the extreme with styles you’ve never seen before. Check out the crazy twisted pattern on the far right, from Behnaz Sarafpour’s Spring 2011 Collection. Georges Chakra and Nicholas K went with the fishtail braids, which we’re seeing more and more of. To get this look, simply split your ponytail into two sections and cross over smaller pieces from each side. It takes awhile to create but it’s definitely worth the extra time!


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