Hollywood’s Best Hair Accessories!

We all know that gorgeous, healthy hair is the best accessory. But when you get a little bored with the same old ‘do, these fabulous accessories can really spice things up. There are tons to choose from – it’s all about personal style here. Most of us can’t pull off Gwen Stefani’s rosebush… but there’s definitely something for everyone. Check out some of this season’s hottest accessories and take your pick!


This one seemed a little too school-girl to me at first, but when they’re worn right, bows are the perfect girly accessory. I love the plain black bows on Lauren Conrad and Diana Vickers – totally simple, chic and classy. Bows look great tied around your head like Rihanna’s, but not twice the size of your head like Katy Perry’s! This might work for her “Sesame Street” gigs, but that’s about it.  Katy, we love you, but you look like some kind of psychedelic Minnie Mouse here. Please take it off.


There are a ton of ways to wear rhinestones, from Rihanna’s tiara to Eva Longoria’s accentuated up-do. I’m in love with Amanda Holden’s gorgeous chignon – the diamond clip is the absolute perfect accessory.  This simple style is a great choice for your next holiday party. As for the last photo, well, I’m not even sure which celebrity this is… or why she is wearing a giant sparkly lizard on her head. Any thoughts…?


Headbands have been around forever in endless shapes and sizes. Remember those awful bra-strap bands? Seriously tacky. These days, headbands are worn slightly hippie-style -low and across the forehead. Mischa Barton (far right) sticks with a solid color, while Nicole Richie and Rihanna rock the silver sparkles. Push your headband behind your bangs like Paris (second photo) for a look that’s more girl-next-door. Pretty funny that she’s the one rocking the innocent look here!


A hat is the ultimate quick-fix for a bad hair day, and a really great accessory, too. Berets are huge this season – I’m loving Taylor’s bright red one. Wear your beret towards the back of your head for a really cute look. Animal print is cool, but Fergie’s fedora is just a little too oversized in my opinion.


Oh, there are just so many great ways to wear flowers in your hair! Leighton Meester’s look is my favorite – I’m loving the braid and flower combination. Gwen’s roses definitely works for her, but it sort of reminds me of a bad dance recital headpiece. I can’t really see this one working in real life for anyone but Gwen. Paris and Gabrielle Union keep it simple with natural flowers tucked behind their ears. This is an old Hawaiian tradition – single ladies wear the flower on the right side, and married ones wear it on the left. Looks like these two got it wrong…


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