Hollywood’s WORST Hair Accessories!

Okay, so I couldn’t write about the best accessories without mentioning these absolutely AWFUL ones. Here are some of the worst I could find, thanks to Paris Hilton, Phoebe Price, Jennifer Lopez and Ashley Olsen:

Paris, we all know for a fact that you’re no Virgin Mary (you showed the world, remember?) so just take the wreath of flowers off your head. Phoebe Price’s huge oversized bow is bad enough. Add in the feathers and an outfit that looks like Grandma’s quilt and you’ve got… well, I’m not quite sure what to call it. By the way, she wore this to 2010 AMA’s.

Now, it’s hard for Jennifer Lopez to look bad. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and she still looks beautiful here, but why the head wrap? If you’re having a really bad hair day, this could work. But don’t make it the same exact color as your clothes! J.Lo looks more like an astronaut here than one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities.

I saved the best for last. Ashley Olsen! Girl, what on Earth are you doing? This photo looks like a mug shot for Al-Qaida… enough said.


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