5 Great New Year’s Eve Styles

On New Year’s Eve, the main priority is FUN. You don’t want any high maintenance styles on this night! Who wants to keep putting their champagne down to fix a stray hair? Think low-key, but high-glamour – it’s possible! Mark Garrison has some great ideas for New Year’s Eve ‘dos here on StyleList. He talks about breaking out of the box for New Year’s – fun textures, messy down-do’s, uneven lengths. Nothing is too complicated, so you can spend more time partying and less time primping. Enjoy!

Messy Braids – Celebs have been loving braids of all kinds this year – braided updos, braided headband, even pigtails. For this holiday, it’s all about keeping your braid loose and casual. Wear your braid to the side with a few strands hanging around your face. For extra-high drama, try Rachel McAdams’ braid/bump combo!

Length & Height – Mark Garrison is loving dramatic ‘dos for New Year’s Eve – lots of length, extra height, but still not too precise. Snooki’s original Guidette bump may be too much, but Kim Kardashian has mastered a much less tacky version. To get this look, just blow-dry your hair smooth. Then push the front forward, twist it and pin in place. Pull the rest of your locks into a ponytail, bun, or let them hang loose!

Side Ponytail – Just like the braid, the side-swept, messy ponytail is a simple and elegant style choice for this New Year’s Eve. Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad all rock this look in slightly different ways – bangs, volumized, center-parted and sleek. Take your pick!

Cool Textures – If you’re feeling a little weird for New Year’s, grab your crimping iron. Try the root-to-tip, wild crimped style from Vogue  if you’re looking for an extra-dramatic look. I love how Tyra twisted up the front for a sleeker style. If you just want a hint of texture, try Portia’s ponytail by crimping only the crown of your head and pulling the rest back in a ponytail or bun.

Side Bun – Becki Newton, Audrina Patridge and Natalie Portman all wear one of my favorite looks for New Year’s, the side bun. Just like with the ponytail and braid, think messy, loose and low-key. Don’t worry if it comes a little loose!

So, when you’re deciding on a New Year’s style, go for something dramatic but messy and loose, so it isn’t your main priority all night. Happy New Year!


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