Kate Hudson is…

Breaking news – we just found out that one of my favorite Hollywood blondes, Kate Hudson, is expecting a baby! She’s been dating British rocker Matthew Bellamy of the band Muse (love them!) for exactly nine months (how cute), and word on the street is they’re head over heels in love.

If this baby could inherit one thing from Kate, it would definitely be her gorgeous hair. Unlike a lot of female celebs, Kate’s not usually a color addict. She tends to stick to her beautiful golden blonde hue most of the time, except for these bizarre blue highlights she wore while filming Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway:

Weird. Here’s a look at some of Kate’s best hair days – beachy waves, smooth & straight, braided updo and messy braid:

I love the French-braided updo. To get this look, start with a deep side part. Using different size pieces, French-braid the bigger section starting at the hairline. Once the braid reaches your neck, combine it with the section of hair from the other side and finish it with a low bun.


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