Khloe’s New Color

Why do the Kardashians always look so perfect?! Khloe debuted this fabulous new red hair color at the People’s Choice Awards:

This color is a striking change from her dark hue. It sets her apart from her sisters Kim and Kourtney too, who were both wearing the usual dark brown color. What do you think? I absolutely love it – red is one of the hottest colors for 2011, and of course, it looks great on Khloe. The fiery shade of red looks fabulous with her skin tone.

Supposedly Khloe’s gone red for her very own reality series with husband Lamar Odom, which is set to begin filming soon. The Kardashian ladies took home a very fitting prize from the People’s Choice Awards – “Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure.”

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Marcia Teixeira & Coppola BANNED in Europe…

The Marcia Teixeira and Coppola brands of Keratin Treatments have recently been taken off the market in Europe. Formaldehyde testing for the Coppola smoothing system revealed that the products contained about 1.6% – 2.0% formaldehyde – 8 times the legal limit! Marcia Teixeira’s keratin treatment was found to have about 2.0% formaldehyde.

The biggest concern in this ongoing formaldehyde war is that these brands are not being honest with their clients. These formaldehyde levels aren’t nearly as bad as Brazilian Blowout’s test results (nearly 11%), but there’s still some major dishonesty involved here. Shouldn’t adults be able to make a conscious decision about what they’re putting in their hair? We’ll let you decide.

To see the numbers for yourself, click this link and type “keratin” in the search bar.

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Designer Topknots

Okay, so it looks like all the fashion experts are making a point to keep comfy clothes and simple hair in style. Love it! Life is complicated enough, why add to the confusion? Here are some activewear-inspired looks from Wayne, Colcci, and Whistle & Flute’s Summer 2011 collections. Notice a hair trend here? Topknots everywhere!

I love Whistle and Flute’s cotton crepe jumpsuit (far right). It looks chic enough for the office, but the loose material probably makes it feel like pajama pants! Add some colorful jewelry, cute shoes and of course the topknot, and you’ve got an awesome look.

[via Women’s Wear Daily]

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Kim’s “Bo Derek” Braids

Kim Kardashian is rockin’ her Bo Derek braids for the New Year! She tweeted this pic from Tao Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve:

The cornrows are supposedly for her new music video. The braided look is dramatic and totally different from Kim’s usual style. It’s perfect for her 2011 mantra – try new things and go for it! Here’s another pic of her rockin’ the braids again around LA:

I probably won’t add her song to my I-pod any time soon, but I’m actually loving the braids right now. This look is wild, funky and fabulous. So, why not? Go for it!

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The Topknot Trend

So, let’s talk about this topknot thing. They’re all over the place! Am I the only one who’s confused? This is a style now? Topknots remind me of 9th grade at my all-girls high school where this was the only hairdo you’d ever see in the hallway. Throw it all up, grab a rubber band and there it is… a perfect “topknot.” I’m glad it has a name now.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I couldn’t be more thrilled that this is now in style. In fact, I’m wearing one right now, and not even on purpose. That’s how simple it is! And the best part is that no matter how it turns out, it works – messy or sleek, a topknot is a fabulous go-to style when you just can’t think of anything else. Let’s take a look at some of Hollywood’s hottest topknots.


A sleek, ballerina-inspired topknot is a great way to pull your entire look together – wearing all your hair away from your face is very elegant and classy. The Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and VS model Miranda Kerr all show off sleek and chic topknots:


My favorite way to wear a topknot is the way it was invented – a huge mess! Kristin Cavallari, Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Donaldson and Keri Russell are just a few stars who rock this beautifully messy style. I love how Vanessa’s curls hang around her face – try taking a curling iron to any pieces that fall out of your knot.

Bad Knots…

This look, however simple it may be, is very easy to mess up. For example, Kaley Cuoco’s super-tight topknot that doubles as a facelift:

Kaley’s knot is way too high and way too tight. It looks painful. Plus, her rubber band is showing. And it’s not even a hair band, it looks like a regular old rubber band from a package of pencils or something. Ouch!

When you’re constructing your topknot, it’s best to just let it be – a topknot should look like you didn’t put any effort into it at all. Most topknot how-to’s suggest bobby pins, but I prefer just one single rubber band. This look is about simplicity, and bobby pins are generally pretty annoying. So, just align your locks how you want them, twist the ponytail, wrap it around and secure. Voilà! A perfect topknot.

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Willow Smith: Whip Your Hair!

Willow Smith is a pretty incredible little girl. It definitely doesn’t hurt that her dad is a superstar, but on New Year’s Eve she proved herself to the world with a performance that speaks for itself:

Can you believe that voice is coming from a ten-year-old?!

Willow Smith’s performance was the perfect blend of childhood innocence and superstar talent. She looks nervous – like a real kid. And she’s so damn concentrated on her song! It’s totally adorable and admirable.  Her outfit and makeup are so shockingly age-appropriate, too – something you don’t see too often in Hollywood. And the hairdo? Totally whip-able.

Willow’s voice, dance skills and completely natural stage presence would have gotten her a long way even if Will Smith wasn’t her father. There’s no denying that this girl has real talent. Her good looks definitely come from daddy, though – don’t you feel like you’re looking at a baby / lady member of the Men In Black?

And let’s talk about her fashion sense for a minute. I have to keep reminding myself that she’s ten, because Willow Smith looks more like a teenage sister of Rihanna or Beyonce. I mean, she’s rocking the shaved-side style! That’s a serious trend for a ten year old. Here are some of Willow’s best hairdos:

Which is your favorite? I love her sleek ponytail and the Rihanna-esque shaved side. Totally chic!

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Jersey Shore Hair

So this year, MTV had the “Snooki Ball” drop at midnight. It’s bad – the Jersey Shore cast has officially reached superstar status, plus they have millions of dollars in endorsements and even their very own South Park episode. Jealous yet? You know you’re really famous when you get made fun of on South Park.

The Jersey Shore girls (mainly Snooki) trademarked the “Poof” hairdo, and I’m the first one to hate on it. However, these days J-Woww, Snooki and Sammi are all looking a little classier. With modeling gigs, celebrity stylists and red carpet events, the original guidettes are getting the best of Hollywood style – check out their new looks!


When we first met Jenny “J-Woww” Farley back in season one, she had terrible blonde-and-black streaky highlights and a serious attitude problem. Now, she still has the attitude problem but her hair looks much, much better:

These days, J-Woww has a gorgeous red hair color, one of the hottest shades for the new year. I love her sleek bun in the first pic – this style paired with the feathery earrings is much more glamorous than her previous huge hoops / blonde streaks combo. Her voluminous curls look great, too, especially with the touches of red.


Sammi “Sweetheart” is so naturally beautiful, it’s hard to see her be made a fool of week after week by Ronnie, raging guido and love of her life. We haven’t seen Sammi stray too far from the classic long and straight style:

Here, Sammi wears the usual straight, middle-parted ‘do. Since she tends to stick with this style, Sammi would be a perfect candidate for a keratin treatment to cut her styling time in half. Maybe she’s even had one already – her locks look extra healthy and shiny in these photos. I really like her classy version of the Snooki Poof (far right). It keeps her hair off her face without sticking straight out the top of her head. And in the center, Sammi does some modeling with a beautiful gown and simple bun style – she is gorgeous. I love her hair up.


Oh, Snooki. She’s the one guidette that everyone simply loves to hate on. And why not? She’s barely over twenty years old and world famous for fake tanning, sipping fruity cocktails and basically just being all-around obnoxious. That infamous episode of South Park portrayed her like this:

Flattering, right? A two-foot tall Snooki Monster with a fruity cocktail, coach bag, Marlboro menthol, and of course, huge Poof. I love those South Park guys. And I’ve grown to love Snooki too, because you know what? She was probably a good sport about it. And they got the hair right. Out of all the Poofs on all the guidette heads around the world, Snooki’s is the biggest and baddest (far left):

The Poof is basically the size of her entire head – that’s a lot of weight to carry. I’m loving her loose waves from the 2010 Grammy’s. This look takes the attention away from the top of her head and brings it towards her pretty features. She looks good with straight-across bangs, too, but the frosty lipstick has to go.

Alternate Guidettes: Angelina & Deena

These two aren’t original guidettes – Angelina left the cast mid-season and Deena joined recently – but they are certainly worth mentioning in terms of hairstyles. Annoying as she is (she calls herself the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island”… can I puke now?) Angelina has been modeling lately and I must say she looks great. She walked at Fashion Week while the rest of the cast went to the VMAs. I love her messy up-do from the show:

Deena is Snooki’s BFF who joined the cast for season 3. I haven’t seen much of her yet, except for one catfight where she was upset with Sammi for looking at her the wrong way, or something… and she also had a really cute flower accessory like she’s wearing here:

Deena’s hair is similar to Sammi’s – long, straight and brown. It’s beautiful, and I love her accessories, but I’d love to see a more daring color on Deena to match her personality. Why not? Jersey girls are wild, and their style should go with it!

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